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We think the best way to sort out your eyewear is to get to know you properly. We give you protected time that you deserve to help you make the right choices – and listen to you properly about every aspect of what you are wanting out of your new specs.
No pressure, no rush, just 100% pure one to one service where you are our priority.

How to Book Online

It’s easy to book your appointment online, simply click the Book Appointment link below:
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We will ask for your name, date of birth, address, mobile number and email address. This is to ensure the appointment slot is allocated to the right person.
A confirmation email and/or text will be sent to you within one working day.*  If you don’t receive your confirmation email or text within one working day* please call us.
*Please note that if you book on Sundays and Mondays, you may not receive confirmation until Tuesday morning.

How to Book by Phone

Please call us on 01256 325161. If we are unable to answer, please leave us a voicemail and we’ll call you back as soon as we can.

Appointment Types

Eyewear Consultations (60 minutes)

No one wants to wear glasses that everyone else wears; eyewear is how we express our individuality. That’s why we give you a whole hour of individual time with one of our optical specialists to discover eyewear that is perfect for you.

We know it can be daunting to be faced with racks of frames, where do you start and how do you know what frame will suit you best? Our Eyewear Styling Consultations are designed to help you select the right frames that suit your face shape and colouring, and that match your own unique style.

We will explain the options for your lenses and coatings that will be best for your prescription, in jargon-free language, enabling you to make the right choices for your new eyewear.

Family/Couple Appointments

Please call us on 01256 325161 to book a longer Eyewear Consultation so we can allow more time for you all.

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Eyewear Re-Lens (20 mins)

Imagine this… you have a fantastic pair of specs, you love the frame but your prescription has changed. Can we replace the lenses in your current frame?

Yes we can! As long as your existing frame is undamaged and is robust. There are always risks involved when re-lensing frames and we will explain these fully before you make a decision. We will clarify the options available for your lenses and coatings that will be best for your prescription, enabling you to make an informed choice.

Book your Re-Lens appointment so we can discuss the different options available for you.
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Eyewear Fitting (20 minutes)

We want you to enjoy your new eyewear! They must be comfortable for you, so we will take the time to make any adjustments needed to ensure your frames fit you perfectly. We will check you can see clearly through your new lenses and give you advice on how to care for your new eyewear.

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Eyewear MOT (20 minutes)

During our FREE 6 monthly MOT, the glasses are taken completely apart. The separate parts of the specs are deep cleaned, the screws, nose pads, cords and plugs are replaced. The glasses are then reassembled and refitted to you as if new.

We recommend you book your free Eyewear MOT every 6 months. We’ll remind you when it’s due.

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heating an optical frame for adjustment

Eyewear Aftercare (20 minutes)

After a few weeks of use, your specs may need a little adjusting, straightening up or other minor tweaks. Little adjustments often take only a few minutes however, we like to allocate a 30 minute slot just in case the adjustment is more complex.

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Accidents happen! Kids get hold of them, the dog thinks they are a new toy, we sit on them! If your specs are broken, we may need to order in replacement parts if we don’t have them in stock, so please call us on 01256 325161 before booking an appointment.

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