Being a proactive part of our local community is important to us. The majority of our customers live or work in or close to Basingstoke and we enjoy saying hello to them when we are out and about walking the dogs. We like to support fellow local businesses who believe in superstar service as we do, equally we enjoy championing local sports teams through our sponsorships.

We are also a donation point for the Basingstoke Lions Recycle for Sight initiative. Drop in your old spectacles to us and the Lions Club will collect them.

Eyewear Champions

We are so happy when you are happy! Here’s a selection our Eyewear Champions showcasing their own eyewear choices.

This is also a yearly competition!

The winner of the Speccies Eyewear Champion of the Year will receive one pair of new spectacles or sunglasses complete with lenses and coatings of their choice! All our Eyewear Champions will be invited to a celebration around Christmas time when our winner will be announced.


AFC Raiders

We’re proud to be the title sponsor for AFC Raiders Sunday League Football Team. The team includes several local players. AFC Raiders played in the Cup Final in 2022 and are aiming to be the winners in 2023! Watch this space to follow their progress.

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Our showroom has been enhanced by skilled local artists and professionals, making it a welcoming and unique environment for our customers.

We also have a collaborative alliances with other local businesses.